8.21.11 - Tu es dans toutes mes pensées.

My roommate is gone and you know what that means…it means I can blast Frank Sinatra and turn the living room into a giant pattern drafting/sewing disaster zone!  Yeah!  Not that I don't do this occasionally anyway, but this week I can do it without feeling bad for making her go through an obstacle course to cross the apartment.  

Anyways, this is just a little peak at a lace crop top I am working on tonight.  To say I love this fabric would be an incredible understatement.  It's very delicate therefore my monster of a sewing machine likes to eat it up(nom nom nom)…so…hello sewing by hand.  Luckily, I happen to love rainy sundays spent sewing the good old fashion way.  

I also love this song by The Strokes.  A lot.